Why Rekey Locks – The Importance of Rekeying

When you rekey locks, you take an extra step to ensure security and protection. If you are just moving into a new location – whether it is an apartment, home, or business location – it is worth investing in rekeying the locks. At DMV Locksmith and Doors, we encourage our clients to do this at various times to ensure they know who can access their property. It is a key component of your safety.

Who Has a Key?

Even if you owned your home or operated your business for years in the same location, you may not know everyone who has a key to your home. When you rekey locks, you eliminate anyone’s access to your property that should not have it. We replace the locking mechanism with a new one, ensuring that only new keys with the new design will operate the lock. That enhances your security time and time again.

The Cost to Rekey Locks

While the cost to rekey locks will depend on many factors, it is an affordable process. The goal is simply to keep the existing lock in place and to update it. Because you are not replacing the entire locking mechanism or adding new locks to it, the cost to rekey locks tends to be much lower than the cost to replace them. And, of course, it is much more affordable than having to pay for the losses after a theft occurs.

At DMV Locksmith and Doors, our team works closely with you to ensure you have the best level of security in place. We also strive to ensure you can keep your property safe from any type of access than others may have. It goes without saying this type of protection is very important to most property owners. It does not take long and can offer peace of mind.

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